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O’Denat — a father of three known to fans and friends as “Q” — “was a brilliant businessman who championed urban culture, ultimately creating the largest hip-hop website in the world,” said a posting announcing his death on the site’s Facebook page.He also was “one of the nicest, most generous persons to ever grace this planet,” the posting said. World Star Hip Hop will continue in its various endeavors.Insurge bought the concept as a pitch and quickly attached Simmons as a producer.The studio now has a script it likes and is eyeing a fall start date in New York.The titles of such pieces (“He Warned Him: Bully Asking for a Fight Gets Dropped! O’Denat looks to You Tube and Facebook, where many of World Star’s videos originate, he can’t help but notice that those sites continue to grow while his has yet to break into the mainstream. He began the day at the Four Seasons, where he spread out in a banquette and asked a waiter for an orange and peach juice.“Fresh, no suds, no foam,” he said.

“They were like, ‘This is going nowhere.’ They laughed at me.”Mr. ”He has kept World Star lean, with 10 employees and five video posters who work remotely.Like many self-made people from humble origins, Mr. That’s luck.”In the Fullscreen conference room, Mr. M., man.”Despite his desire to make the site a global force, Mr. I thought I’d see an elephant or giraffe or something.”In the end, he decided he didn’t want Mr. “If I had those type of investors in the beginning, World Star would be a half a billion company right now,” he said. O’Denat navigates Los Angeles in his effort to take World Star to the next level, he knows it won’t be a slam dunk. O’Denat has had to fend off those who think his success was accidental. O’Denat met with a team that included Damon Berger, the company’s vice president for business development. O’Denat has been resistant to do what may be required to make that happen. “Call me crazy, but I just feel so passionate about it and don’t want to sell it short.”After lunch at a Chinese restaurant in Beverly Hills, Mr. There was much to discuss: a hip-hop tour sponsored by the site; a deal with Paramount for a teenage comedy that would be in the vein of “Superbad,” with World Star featured as a major plot point; and a possible TV show built around the site.“There are ways we can monetize all this great video and content,” Mr. “I tell myself all the time: Nothing is guaranteed,” he said. “That’s the competitiveness of hip-hop, so I felt like the site needed to be R-rated.” “People may be offended by some of the content, but, hey, the Internet is not a censorship boat,” he said. You don’t have to log on.” The site also occasionally has gotten into trouble for using copyrighted material without credit.Rapper 50 Cent won a 2009 lawsuit against O’Denat for using his image without permission.

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The business was a massage parlor, police told the Los Angeles Times ( Vv F ).