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Jazz flourished with the sanction of Soviet authorities and evolved into one of the country’s most popular musical forms.The Ganelin Trio, perhaps Russia’s most famous jazz ensemble, toured Western countries throughout the 1980s.He and many other Russian artists also suffered repression in the Zhdanovshchina period (1946–53), during which Soviet authorities attempted to exert greater control over art.The best-known composers of the late- and post-Soviet period include Edison Denisov, Alfred Schnittke.While living abroad Prokofiev was a modernist like Stravinsky, but he eventually adopted a more conservative, accessible idiom in conformity with Soviet expectations.Prokofiev’s most ambitious early work was the opera .Petersburg Russia’s first regular professional orchestra (1859) and conservatory of music (1862).

This period was marked by a turning away from realism to primitivism, Symbolism, and abstract painting.Members of the Jack of Diamonds group of artists advocated the most advanced European avant-garde trends in their own painting and exhibited works by European artists such as Albert Gleizes and Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. Östberg; in the Modern Museum, Stockholm, The National Swedish Art Museums.Vasily Kandinsky created his highly influential lyrical abstractions during this period, while Kazimir Malevich began to explore the rigid, geometric abstraction of Suprematism. Aleksandr Rodchenko, the Constructivists favoured strict geometric forms and crisp graphic design.The pop singer Alla Pugacheva also drew large audiences in the 1970s.Until the 1970s, Akvarium (“Aquarium”), led by charismatic songwriter and vocalist Boris Grebenshikov.

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Before the 18th century, Russian music was dominated by folk and church music.

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