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First the Qualifier, semicolon as separator, identifier.

Example: Consignment identifier, carrier assigned- booking reference number- Reference number assigned by a carrier of its agent to identify a specific consignment such as a booking reference number when cargo space is reserved prior to used for x CBL-structures !

We also propose an alternative evolutionary scenario for the first members of Sauropodomorpha: some Carnian taxa from South America form a monophyletic group instead of a series of low-diversity lineages paraphyletic with respect to Plateosauria.

7 - place of delivery DP - Delivery dock X6A - BHS-Object number (Raab Karcher) UP - unloading point STA - Station RU - Receiving Sub-Location (Unloading point / ANSI) RC - Receiving Location (ANSI) RR - Railroad (ANSI) DR - Dock receipt number DA - Delivery Address 170 - Final port of discharge 4 - Goods receipt place K - Bill of Lading Port of Discharge (Contractual 152 - next port of discharge 9S - Delivery Region 60 - Place of Arrival 64 - First optional place of discharge 68 - Second optional place of discharge 70 - Third optional place of discharge 97 - optional place/port of discharge Country of Origin Country in which the goods have been produced or manufactured, according to criteria laid down for the purposes of application of the Customs tariff, of quantitative restrictions, or of any other measure related to trade.- the field COUNTRY is for Country of Origin, non coded (example: ODETTE ARD.3238) - the field COUNTRY_CODED is for Country of origin, coded (example: ALI.3239) - EDIFACT - this qualifier only used for country information at header layer - ODETTE 3238 - Country of Origin, non-coded 106 - Region of Origin SO - sold to if different from bill to DB - Buyer's debtor number CU - Customer Code PO - Ordering Party (used only if ordering party and buyer are not identical) LW - Customer (ANSI) PC - Actual purchaser's customer YD - Buyer (ANSI) PD - (ANSI) 1C (ANSI) - Purchasing Organization FW - freight forwarder ZZ - Carrier (Ferguson) ZZZ - Carrier CV - Container operator CLP - Collector (EAN-Code) OC(ANSI)-Origin Carrier HR - Shipping line service BL - bill of lading recipient MC - Motor carrier GT - Rail carrier SS - steam ship company Exporter- Party who makes - or on whose behalf a Customs clearing agent or other authorized person makes - an export declaration.

used for different identifiers regrading different agency-codes in one party group All fields (Ident; Agency Coded; Agency Coded Other; Agency Description; Code List Identifier Coded; Code List Identifier Coded Other) are implemented in DATA-Segment seperated by semicolon ! used for identification of the corresponding CBL_ADD_EXT information to define address-information All fields (Ident; Agency Coded; Agency Coded Other; Agency Description; Code List Identifier Coded; Code List Identifier Coded Other) are implemented in DATA-Segment seperated by semicolon !

25 - Bank identification Code for identification of banks. Name component 5: Title Group of name components transmitted in sequence with name component 1 transmitted first.

So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

was discovered during recent fieldwork at the type locality of the taxon, which is Carnian in age (Late Triassic).

DP = Delivery party Party to which goods should be delivered, if not the same as the buyer.Presently a minimum of six digits is required with three zeros.- used in TD501 B - Original carrier 1 - 1st Carrier after Origin Carrier 2 - 2nd Carrier after Origin Carrier 3 - 3rd Carrier after Origin Carrier 4 - 4th Carrier after Origin Carrier 5 - 5th Carrier after Origin Carrier 6 - 6th Carrier after Origin Carrier 7 - 7th Carrier after Origin Carrier 8 - 8th Carrier after Origin Carrier 9 - 9th Carrier after Origin Carrierdefined timing qualifier for the delivery *S - delivery same day *V - delivery on call *5 - delivery within 24 hours *6 - delivery at Saturday *8 - delivery until noon *9 - delivery until 9am *10 - delivery until 8am *11 - delivery until 7am *12 - delivery within 6 hours - example: TOD.4053 CFR = Cost & Freight CIF = Cost, Insurance, Freight to named destination CII = Charge in invoice (ANGAISA) CIP = Freight, Carriage, Insurance to destination CPT = Freight, Carriage paid to destination DAF = Delivery at frontier - Named place DAP = Delivered At Place DDP = Delivered duty paid to destination DDU = Delivered duty unpaid DEQ = Delivered Ex Quay - Duty paid, Named port DES = Delivered Ex ship - Named port of destination EXW = Ex works FAS = Free alongside ship FCA = Free carrier - Named point FH = Free Hand FOA = FOB Airport - Named airport of departure FOB = Free on Board - Named port of shipment FOR = Free on Rail - Named departure point RPD = Return the number of the 'proof of delivery' generated by the goods recipent special keys for partner VW Mexico: AWB This key means that you are using 'premium' transport (airfreight), and the transport unit in the ASN is the Airway Bill Number.SV This key means that you are sending a 'Sondernverkauft' (german) 'Special Sale from CKD' (airfreight).37 - Railway locations Code identifying a location in railway environment. The maiden name is the family name given at birth of a female. 2 - Name component sequence 2, sequence as defined in description Name component 1: paternal name; name component 2: maternal name; name component 3: given name or initial(s); name component 4: middle name or initial(s); name component 5: name suffix.154 - Bank branch sorting identification Identification of a specific branch of a bank. Edifact 3045 Code Description: 1 - Name components in sequence as defined in description below Name component 1: Family name. 3 - Name components in the sequence as defined in definition Name component 1: Qualification Name component 2: First part of the name Name component 3: Second part of the name.

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CZ = Consignor Party which, by contract with a carrier, consigns or sends goods with the carrier, or has them conveyed by him. SH = Shipper Party responsible for the shipment of goods.