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Vb net datagrid not updating

When the user clicks on the Save button to save the data that was entered, the Update method should be called and the buttons should be redisplayed.

Notes: When you use the Data Control in a project, the properties that must be set are Database Name and Record Source, in that order.

Another issue is that if you attempt to delete a record that has a related record in another table, the Jet (Access) database engine will not allow the delete, and a run-time error will occur.

If you don't trap the error, the program will crash.

This exercise introduces the Validate event of the data control, as well as the Cancel Update and Update Controls methods of the data control, the Bookmark and Last Modified properties of the recordset object, and the Data Changed property of bound controls.

The Validate event of the data control occurs prior to a record Move and prior to an Update, Delete, Unload, Close, or setting of a Bookmark.

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This tutorial provides a brief introduction to developing database applications with Visual Basic through a series of nine step-by-step exercises.

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