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Updating web content

To facilitate this auto-updating feature, Dreamweaver requires that you indicate which portions of your page constitute the fixed part of your design and which portions contain the content that varies from page to page. When you do this, Dreamweaver will create a new subfolder, called "Templates", in your website directory.

You should be able to see this new folder in your FILES panel.

The page you see displayed in Dreamweaver is also no longer "". It looks exactly like your home page at the moment because you used your home page as the basis for this template (via "File | Save as Template..."), but you can verify that you are indeed no longer working on your "index.html" file by looking up at the tab under your menu bar in Dreamweaver (near the top of the Dreamweaver window). Now you'll have to decide which part of your web page is going to be invariant across your site, and which portions will contain content that will be different from page to page.

On most websites, the site logo and left column (containing your navigation menu) are usually considered part of the fixed design for the website.

When you add new products or services, make sure you put it on your website.

A good website maintenance strategy will ensure you never lose a potential customer because you didn’t have the right information online.

by Christopher Heng, Nearly all websites have more than one page.

Finally, you will also learn how to get Dreamweaver to automatically figure out which pages of your site to upload without your having to manually open and upload every one of them.

If you look at all the pages on using a desktop browser, you will probably have noticed that practically every page shares the same basic layout.

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Here's where Dreamweaver CS5 shines in helping you automate the task of creating and maintaining a multi-page website.

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