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But what if you want to create a version of the project that is designed to be specifically compatible with Igor 5.05?To do this, you can create a branch of the project for Igor 5.05.Back to top If you ever plan to import, add, or commit files to the Igor Exchange repository, you must first modify your Tortoise SVN configuration file in a few places so that Tortoise SVN knows how to handle certain types of files, including Igor Pro procedure files.Back to top Whenever you want to modify code for a project on Igor Exchange, you first need to create a working copy of the project files on your personal computer, and then you can modify the files in your working copy and later send those changes to the repository on the server.Though some of the specifics below are based on the layout of the Igor Exchange repository, the tutorial itself should be helpful to Tortoise SVN users regardless of whether they are maintaining a project on Igor Exchange.Tortoise SVN is a graphical front end client for Microsoft Windows that can be used to interact with the Igor Exchange Subversion repository.

by creating tags, as described in the next section).Back to top After you have added or removed files or made changes to your code (and tested those changes to make sure they work), you should commit those changes back to the repository so that others can access the changes.In this example, you have now informed Tortoise SVN that you wish to add Back to top If your project has additional project maintainers other than yourself, these people are permitted to commit changes they have made to code for your project back to the repository.In the last step, you created a branch of your project called .This branch represents major version 1 of your project and indicates that that branch requires Igor Pro version 5.05.

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