Updating infosource in sap bw

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We recommend that you use an Info Source if you want to connect a number of different Data Sources to a target and the different Data Sources have the same business rules.

In the transformation, you can align the format of the data in Data Source with the format of the data in the Info Source.

The new Data Source is replicated and is assigned in the Administrator Workbench source system tree to the myself BW System in the Delta Queue application component under Business Information Warehouse.

Note In this way, none of these Basis key figures can be used in queries that are built up on Info Cubes which were inventory-initialized through Info Source 2LIS_40_S278.

The uploaded data is transformed using transfer rules.

An extensive library of transformation functions that contain business logic can be used here to perform data cleansing and to make the data analyzable.

The field selectability and the XML Data Source delta process are likewise based on the file Data Source.So you rightclick it and create a transfer structure via the "New Transfer Rules" menu.This Communication Structure/Transfer Rule will be the interface to Data Services, our job will be to fill that with useful values.The required business rules are applied in the subsequent transformation between the Info Source and the target.You can make any changes to these rules centrally in this one transformation, as required.

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Moreover, the queries 0IC_C03_Q0013 to 0IC_C03_Q0016 cannot be used in the combination of Info Sources 2LIS_40_S278 and 2LIS_03_BF.

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