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Authenticity The ensemble of heritage elements of Levuka Historical Port Town in its setting possesses an inherently high authenticity as a primary source of information in terms of materials, form, layout and function.This is supported by documentary and photographic data in Fijian and overseas archives.

Key elements include the former Totoga and Nasau village sites, the former Cakobau Parliament House site (now the European Memorial), Morris Hedstrom bond store, the Baba indentured labour settlement, the Hennings residence, Captain Robbie’s bungalow, Sacred Heart Cathedral and Presbytery dating from the 1860s, the Royal Hotel founded in the late 1860s, Deed of Cession site, former Government (Nasova) House site, Port Authority, Post and Customs buildings together with their remnant tram tracks to the wharf, former Methodist Church and mission, Levuka Public School, Town Hall, Masonic Lodge, Ovalau Club, Bowling Club, workers cottages and the shell button factory site.

The National Trust of Fiji has no regulatory power but is compiling the National Heritage Register, which includes Levuka Historical Port Town and is required to be consulted by the Town Councils, the Department of Town and Country Planning, and the Department of Environment in the administration of their regulatory responsibilities.

The Levuka Town Planning Scheme under the Fijian Town Planning Act is the primary mechanism for regulating the development of new buildings and the alteration of existing buildings within the Levuka town boundary and requires that any exterior changes, demolition, or new construction shall be considered by a review body comprising the Levuka Town Council, the Levuka Historical and Cultural Society, the Director of Town and Country Planning, and the National Trust of Fiji, and approval of a development proposal may be subject to conditions based on recommendations from the National Trust of Fiji or the Fiji Museum, such as requiring an archaeological management plan or a prior archaeological investigation.

Copra sheds, warehouses, bond stores, port facilities and commercial buildings developed along Beach Street, and residences, religious, educational and social institutions grew up around the villages of the indigenous population.

These are generally single or two storied corrugated iron or weatherboard clad timber buildings with hipped or gable roofs.

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Levuka is een zeldzaam voorbeeld van een laat-koloniale havenstad die in zijn ontwikkeling werd beïnvloed door de inheemse gemeenschap.

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