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Top dating relationship blogs

Read: Why Some People May Be Better Suited To Consensual Nonmonogamy Than Others Follow @Justin Lehmiller ADHD Marriage ADHD Marriage is an advice blog for adults and partners of adults with ADHD, and aims to teach respect, patience, and conflict resolution.

Why ADHD Marriage is a Top Relationship Blog: If you or your partner has ADHD, this blog will teach you a great deal about how to maintain healthy relationships through communication, respect, and patience.

Read: For Men with ADHD Who Aren't Convinced it Matters Follow @msorlov Rewriting the Rules Rewriting the Rules is a blog that takes a modern view on love, sexuality, and relationships, and features a lot of great queer-friendly content.

Why Rewriting the Rules is a Top Relationship Blog: Readers searching for modern views on relationships and queer-friendly relationship advice and think pieces will find a lot to love about this blog.

Everyone thinks they're an advice columnist these days, with so many bloggers out there covering the relationship space.

But only a select few really understand what it takes to keep a relationship on solid ground.

Why Dr Karen Ruskin is a Top Relationship Blog: This blog is a great read for married couples who want to stay on the right track, with plenty of conflict-resolution and long-term relationship advice.

Follow @Rhoberta Shaler Happy Wives Club Happy Wives Club, a blog for married couples, is packed with advice for creating and maintaining a long-lasting, blissful marriage.

Take a look at the list below for the best relationship blogs. Jane Greer is a New York-based marriage and sex therapist and author of What About Me? Why Dr Jane Greer is a Top Relationship Blog: Women who are feeling a bit anxious or ill-at-ease in their current relationship may find the answers they're looking for on her SHRINK WRAP blog.

Read: Women's Health: What to Do if Your Friend's Husband Hits on You Follow @drjanegreer Patti Knows Patti Knows is the blog of Patti Stanger, where she imparts her advice.

Why Happy Wives Club is a Top Relationship Blog: Whether your marriage is having troubles or not, this blog is a must for anyone seeking advice for creating a more perfect union with their partner.

Read: An Extraordinary Spouse Follow @happywivesclub Love Victory Love Victory is a relationship blog built to guide people to the right person by avoiding the pitfalls and mistakes that have derailed their past relationships.

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Why Patti Knows is a Top Relationship Blog: Men and women who need a little advice and encouragement when it comes to reeling in their perfect significant other will find great advice for dating online and off on this blog.