The secret guide to dating monsters matt dallas and april matson dating

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The secret guide to dating monsters

Your first goal in Monster Prom will be to strengthen your boldness stat, but do not neglect your other stats (especially creativity and fun), otherwise, the event will not trigger.

In order to hit the necessary numbers for Damien’s secret ending, it is advisable to actually sit with the minor characters during lunch instead of Damien, as they will yield sizeable stat boosts.

With the necessary items in tow, she will invite you to experience the pleasures of the Reverse Romanian Wilkinson with her.

If you can manage to collect the necessary resources to make her wish come true, the two of you will enjoy a night together at the Monster Prom you’ll never forget.If you slip up and end up conversing with one of the other monsters instead, simply sit with Polly at the cafeteria for every lunchtime, and before long, she will mention that her greatest regret in life was that she never engaged in the Reverse Romanian Wilkinson.When she brings it up, you must claim that you know what she is talking about, otherwise the storyline won’t proceed further.Though he is best known for his talents in arson and punching, Damien La Vey is actually a multilayered young demon with aspirations in life that he hides under his violent exterior.By unlocking Damien’s secret ‘hairdresser’ ending in Monster Prom, you will help him to realize his dream at last.

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In order to ensure this, select the long game option to give yourself enough days to follow the storyline through.

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