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The psychology of dating older men

The reason is evolution, or instinct, humans are animals like all other animals.The males of the human species, like males of all species, desire to pass on their genes.This is because for many professions, and in the current economy, it takes longer to become financially stable enough to start a family.Since men are waiting longer to start a family this makes their instincts kick in, which means that they prefer a younger stronger woman that is more likely to give him healthy children.

Like women, men are waiting until they are older and more established to start families.

Let us discuss some of the reasons why older men like younger women.

The first reason for this is probably a reason that most men are not even aware of, because it is part of the psychology of attraction.

Given that, when managing a relationship, it pays to start with the basics!

Sure, all of that detailed advice is helpful later on.

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