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Sussex chat

The Children and Technology Lab, headed by Nicola Yuill, is part of the Developmental and Clinical Psychology Group.We are interested in how technology can be used to understand and support children working and playing together, at school and at home, in typical and atypical development, with peers, with parents and with teachers.And how might developmentally-appropriate technology be used creatively and innovatively to support these interactions?

Find out more about the Chat Lab by watching this Science Uncovered video.Massif, solidement construit, le Sussex est un chien actif et énergique.Son mouvement caractéristique le distingue de celui de tous les autres Spaniels, car en effet, il roule nettement dans ses allures.An underlying theme of our work is the role of social interaction and collaboration in learning and development.How do interactions between peers support learning?

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Elle peut être raccourcie à une longueur de 12,75 à 17,75 cm.

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