Sime dating

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Sime dating

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We are proud to offer Como Sense, the leading end-to-end customer engagement solution for small and midsize retail and hospitality chains.If you want to bring your retail or restaurant business into the digital age, right alongside the world’s biggest chains, then I hope you’ll visit Como and get started now. Introduction | Temperatures are rising | Ice shelves are collapsing | Glaciers are shrinking | Glaciers are thinning | Glaciers are accelerating | Sea level is rising | Impact of climate on glaciers | References | Comments | What is happening around the Antarctic Peninsula? Warming over the Antarctic Peninsula is exacerbated by a strengthening of the Antarctic Oscillation, which is a periodic strengthening and weakening of the tropospheric westerlies that surround Antarctica. Pritchard and Vaughan (2007) argue that thinning as a result of a negative mass balance will reduce the effective stress of a glacier’s bed near the margin, reducing basal resistance and increasing sliding. We know that basal melting of ice shelves drives ice sheet loss 25, 279-294 (2005). This leads to further thinning, floatation, rapid calving and increased glacier recession Recent sea level rise.

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Rignot, E., Casassa, G., Gogineni, P., Krabill, W., Rivera, A. Accelerated ice discharge from the Antarctic Peninsula following the collapse of Larsen B ice shelf.

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