Serena williams dating white man matt hardy amy dumas dating 2016

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Serena williams dating white man

As a Black person, you should not be able to turn a blind eye to these things.You can and should not ignore that in 2017 we are seeing too much of the same behavior, rhetoric and malice that has plagued Black people in America for centuries. Before we “progressed” with desegregation, the Black community was a strong community.Old school Black couples understood that it took teamwork for their families to survive.Black women did not have the luxury of cooking and cleaning while waiting for the kids to come home.Over the years, the government enacted a series of laws to restore “law and order.” Somehow, these laws seemed to target minorities more.

Black women have been working all along, many were educated.The history of what was and is still being done to the Black race is not hidden.It’s public knowledge and can be researched with ones fingertips.We now live in a society where it is commonplace to see mixed families, where history books are being rewritten to erase the brutality that was enacted upon Africans brought to America.We live in a society where little Black babies are continuously being adopted by non-Black parents who neglect their real history and heritage.

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Black women were pulled into the women’s rights movement, though white women hadn’t been fighting for our rights all along.

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