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There are now 4 column size class variants: Now, before you panic and think “I have to write 3-4-5 freaking styles for every class I make?! Most of the time, the styles work fine at all the sizes, especially at the tablet and larger sizes. I am going to try and make these explanations as dead simple as possible.

It’s only when you see specific needs at the larger sizes that you have to add in the adjustments. You have 2 divs you want to be each 50% of the total container for both.

On a tablet, it will be 50%/50% again, and on a large viewport, it will be 33%/66%.

3 different layouts for each of the 3 responsive sizes! Bootstrap 2 was set up to create columns from mixins, and v3 takes it even further.

Compared to v3, it was very limited in out-of-the-box mobile convenience.

For the markup that goes into your HTML, there are big changes.

The base styles were all written within the context of the “desktop” width.

Mobile styles were applied after through the responsive stylesheet.

I have made examples pages for this post, so Example 1 is demonstrating this most basic concept. Let’s say that you want it 50/50 at medium, but at large your design could really be better as a 33%/66%.

So what we’re going to do is set it up to change the column widths at the breakpoint: Does that make sense?

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