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Registered mail tracking not updating

I sent a registered article to the USA from Mangalore, India on .

The status on usps tracking shows: Processed Through Sort Facility February 05, 2013, pm CHENNAI (EX MADRAS), INDIAProcessed Through Sort Facility February 05, 2013, pm CHENNAI (EX MADRAS), INDIAI've checked with the postal authorities here, and they've said the article's been dispatched from here.

I just wanted to know: Will there be further updates on for this article, or does it end here.

Will Usps update things once the article reaches the US, then makes its way to the local post office via customs and the all the way to delivery? Thanks Registered Mail cannot be tracked through the mailstream and will not provide updated scans.

Mail app in Windows 8.1 was working fine, then one day it stopped working.

When I try to open the mail app from desktop, the envelope icon fills the screen and just sits there. I uninstalled the mail/calendar app and tried reinstalling.

I got a message that there were no apps being installed, although the MS store said installation was 'pending'.

So once your shipment got to the US Postal Service, it was quite secure.

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To do so, I went to the Windows store, found the app and clicked 'install'.

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