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There she was setting with one foot on the dash and the other over the back of the seat. I was dry mouthed from seeing my wife in this state of heated lust and decided we'd better both have a drink.

After I opened the bottle and drank heavily I handed it to her.

I obliged and it was only minutes until she was screaming that she was coming "So fucking hard". Right there on the over pass in plain sight I came in my wife as hard and as long as I can ever remember.

As we slowly came back down from our orgasmic high, she started laughing stood back up and turned to kiss me.

I was thrusting into her hard and fast and she was slamming back to meet each thrust.

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My wife and I went to a party at some friends of ours house .

It made her even wetter, even more full of wanton lust.

I pushed her against the railing and she eagerly bent over letting me slide into her deliciously hot and wet pussy.

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I was starting to realise just how drunk my wife was Well the next thing I know she was slipping her pants off in the truck as we were going through a little town.