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They both share that lychee-apple fresh cleanliness.Also the thing I'd like to add is my complain about the longevity. But maybe if I give this regular wear, maybe the longevity will increase.It's something that would definitely suit me since this definitely matches my style, but I wouldn't wear it since it's a pretty popular, common scent.I kind of want people to be intrigued by me when they catch a whiff of my scent.

And Eclat is a lot cheaper in price but not in quality. It kind of reminds me of dalandan which is a south-east asian native citrus fruit that is more common i the Philippines I guess.At first I thought it was Lanvin Arpege D’Eclat that I love, but no the scent was sweeter.So, I pulled a brunch of the tree down, smelled it, rubbed between my fingers, no, just green, no sweetness.On the other hand, this has stood the test of 17 years on them market. Whether that is good or bad is a simple matter of what type of perfume one is looking for.I used this parfume many years ago when i was very young but never really enjoyed not bad but it was just fresh ,too sharp citrusy scent, for me it was boring, maybe i should give it a try again. This perfume was my first real perfume in early 20's. It's very sporty, light scent, perfect after shower in the morning. Back in the day guys loved it, maybe because of unisex appeal.

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The scent around me smelled like one of those bushes with white brushes of tiny white flowers, fresh, light and sweet.

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  1. Posted by Admin as Uncategorized And what an oxymoron that is. They were born that way, how can I possibly take issue with that? Even more so with people who want or have a had a sex change.