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No credit card to talk sex site

The doctor used to come up and give Billy Jo Jo the card for him to buy himself designer clothes,’ she told the jury.

Earlier it was claimed she took 22 lines of cocaine in a single night. Each one would pretend to be going out with me and have sex a couple of times, and then it would be another one.’ She claimed social services files on her dated back to 2008 but the authorities did nothing.

The woman said one gang member Saeed Akhtar, 54, told her: ‘Get more girls because my friends are coming up and I don’t want my friends thinking I can’t get girls.’She added that he was ‘trying to pimp me out’.

The court heard another defendant, Izar Hussain, 31, nicknamed Billy Jo Jo, arranged for the teenager to have sex with a wealthy surgeon who travelled to Yorkshire from London.‘There was a surgeon from far away, who had a gold card with a £10,000 limit.

A Pakistani gang sexually exploited a teenage girl, including trying to force her to sleep with a surgeon with a gold card, a court heard yesterday.

Ten men are accused of plying the girl with drink and drugs in return for sex during a three-year ordeal.

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