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Mormons updating

At the time of the abuse, I experienced more acute hypervigilance.

I had trouble sleeping, staying asleep, and I developed headaches and muscle tightness in my body from the stress.

I was four times, but I was abused far more often as I lived with the constant stressor of social and sexual deviance in my home life.

Then the pedophile used my body repeatedly, rendering me psychologically injured and scared. When he stopped assaulting me the fourth time, he terrified me so much that I never told a soul until I was in college seeing my first counselor. I used to count 4 instances of abuse on one hand, but have since been able to see that abuse is more than just the assault itself.

All these scenarios I listed (and any of those I didn’t) are chronic stressors that can hurt your body and your metabolism.

Cortisol is a major player in the PTSD and weight connection.

If you are in an acutely stressful situation, you get this dose of cortisol for a short amount of time.As you know from my writings about the sleep-food-stress connection, stress can make you fat, and sleep is a huge aspect of health that many ignore.I used to think that even though I was groped and used, that it wasn’t quite as bad as it “could” have been, you know?If you are in a chronically stressful situation, such as a home life or relationship that is abusive or toxic, then you get many doses of cortisol over a long period of time.These cumulative doses of cortisol not only build up over time, but can also contribute to failing metabolism, belly fat, and many other ailments.

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