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Matt giraud megan joy dating

"Come writers and critics who prophesize with your pen.

50s and 60s nostalgia is ever present on the uptempo songs, which include “Boy Next Door”, a tale of young first love sung over a vivacious boppy beat (reminiscent of Amy Winehouse’s version of “Valerie”), the rockabilly-infused “Secret”, about the secrecy of keeping love concealed, “Spell it Out”, which spells out the terms of a non-relationship with a unique blend of 60s retro and modern ska and hip-hop, and “I’m Not Tryin’ To Hear That”, a sassy “ain’t got time for that” kind of number which boldly tells a player to back up and back off.A fantasy AU which tells the story of Kristopher’s journey as he searches for the Glass Guitar and the interesting cast of people he meets along the way.Kris thought he was honestly prepared for anything after Adam came home with six bags of prunes to prevent constipation, and tried to make him dry swallow a box of antacids: ‘Just in case, Kris, the books say heartburn is painful’.“Free to Fly“, is an revised and evolved version of “Rainclouds” from her first EP. “See You In A Little While” follows, a wistful ballad which echoes the promise that while “love comes and goes… The tempo is turned up a notch with “Baby Girl”, a flirty and funky R&B (with a touch of reggae) jam about a special lady who has rocked his world and has him all wrapped up in her charms, and in return, he proclaims he will love her the right way. Rewritten as the theme song for BARFFUS project (founded by her mother), “Free to Fly” is redefined as an uplifting anthem of joy and hope, turning a raincloud into a rainbow that keeps shining on to provide love, beauty, peace, inspiration, and the freedom to spread your wings. With its classic jazz sound, “Stay A While” is the highlight of the five original songs, presenting an invitation for an epic love affair: “This could be the thrill of a lifetime / let’s get lost in a dream / Won’t you stay a while / and find out with me?

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Megan experiments with dance-pop on “Some Girls”, about being strong-willed enough not to go for anything or anyone, with a pop-rock edge on topsy-turvy “Lovesick” (“Am I falling apart or falling in love? Follow her on Facebook and on Twitter @meganjoysings.