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The Merit Scholarship funds full tuition for the recipient and is renewable for the upper school term as long as the student remains in good standing in the division. Each year students are asked to submit nominations on where they would like to see the change donated.

Representatives from each organization were on hand to receive recognition for their work as well as accept the donations.

Grade 9: Aidan Apple, Hamer Brigman, Sofia Chodri, Sam Delaisse, Dory Keever, Kate Leonard, Ryan Lim, Rowan Mac Kie, Morgan Mayson, Cameron Mc Master, Mollie Mc Whorter, Jack Merritt, Myles Patterson, Claire Smith, Cook Smith, Emma Steward, Jackson Todd, and Emma Whitlock.

Grade 10: David Adams, Georgia Anne Brumfield, Michael Calabrese, Alex Casas, Parker Clinard, Jack Councill, Gaby Culler, Rosa Anna Elias, Jackson Weil, Emily Ann Wright, Katie Mac Wright, and Lacy Wright.

Grade 10: Ellison Beaver, Carson Boyette, Caroline Clodfelter, Deni Lewis, Chase Portaro, and Dynasty Rui.

Grade 11: Jackson Barton, Nick Brown, Kamran Chodri, Ty Choplin, Susan Dhakal, Gary Guo, Rayha Haque, Tanner Harron, Hannah Klein, Songyu Lu, Julia Mattox, Alex Nixon, Thomas Powell, Griffin Shigo, Harris Smith, Ihsan Tonuzi, and Ava Tuggle.

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