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Live dite sex bangalore

Few months ago my husband has been transferred and comes home once in a month. The lonely life and my sxual urges made me have sx with another unmarried man in my office.He is 21 years old and he gives me much satisfaction.within 3 y...

As you say he is too good otherwise try to talk to him and tell him to respect your views.It is clear and how long would you like to continue.Doesn't that effect your personal life think about that and take that step which you want to take.Hello paul , What do you think about this forum and you are using about your personal issue it would be better not to post such things in the forum because it is accessed by many people of all age groups so then you please be quite.Hi, My wife is very reserved and doesn't like oral sex but she likes me to do oral sex with her and i feel unsatisfied.

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