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n«ar H«nley-on-Thamos, the wife of Hugh Mac Intyre, ol » daughter. EATTRAY.—On the 91 h inst., at Craigh bury,'* Woburn Sands, in hi* 86th year. quito suddenly, William Chatterton Coast, son of the late Williaan Stacey Coast. Interment »t Paddington Cemetery, Willesden-lane, at 1.30. Malyem, Goorgo Isaac Foster Cooke, Barri Kter-at-Law, lato of Lincoln’» Iti D, aged 76. (Minimum Four Lines.) TXSTITUTE of CHEMISTRY of GREAT , BRITAIN aud IRELAND. lor the Admis.';ion ol Students, A&ao^'iates, and J elio\N£. All applications for back numbers of The cxa^-dab'd should be addressed to the Publisher, 104, Shoe lane, K. I'Ci' cony; ovf-r three months, under six niontlis, 4d. Charges for copies, current issue and under one week. nerc'Oi)v; ovt'rone week and under three months, j Ad. per •opy- The agents for the sale of The Standard in Gcrmauy, Austria, and Holland are ' SAjili BACH’s NEWS EXCHANQH. ¿}J Idlers advertisements should be addressed :o the ADVEivns Eii ENX Manager, 132 4. C.” If tuo answers are to be forwarded, .siamps sutiicient to cover postage luusi be sent wiih the advertisements. IHH STAN’Ti AKD arccpts HO responsibility for inanuscnpts. All contributions should be accompanied by the writer’s name and address.

»M Mftorial and Publishing Offices of Th* STAKDABD are at 102-105, Sho©-lane, E.

BRv»W.\.—On th^ 7th June, at 7, Alerajidra^road, Sydenluun, 10 th"!

CASA0.--0d the 7th iust , at 27, Julian-road, Fo Ii«»ton*, to .

“A 1-iit ol Offirial Chemical Appointments,” 4th Edition, 1^2.


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Vanghan Charles Tnmer, rector of Little •‘»ley cura Newt-on-iu thc-Willows. f ^l USON._On the 7th irart., at Bradford-on-Ayon, Martha *ne, Widov; of John Eihott Wilion, Eeq., solicitor, ol Cran-brook, Kent, aged 81.

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