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Still smiling, completely unfazed by Izzy, Jenny turned to me and said, "All young girls wish they were eighteen." "She'll get there someday," I agreed. "There's Sophie now," our guide announced needlessly as I pulled to the side of the road and stopped the car. Yes, if you had asked me if she was good looking I would have grudgingly agreed she was cute ... The triangle of matching curls below shimmering in the sun.

While we'd grown rich on the Philly's Main Line, the fourth generation on both sides of our families to have lived there in capitalist luxury, Graham had grown up on a commune on the West Virginia/Tennessee border. "You'll have to use the futon Charlie," she added as she indicated a ratty, folded up bed in the corner. "They certainly aren't bigger," Sophie said mischievously. order him to stop," Izzy begged as I pulled open the door and stepped out into the beautiful, sunny, nude July day. You could see the thought 'well, maybe these Woodman's aren't so bad after all' clearly registered on their faces. "No." a grin accompanied her answer, then a long appreciative look. "You know sis, you're not as bad as everyone says," I complimented as we walked through the woods. Heck, we were eating burgers down by the lake and all I'm thinking about is eating Jenny ... "You're crazy," she giggled as she wrapped her arms around my neck. "No, we have to talk-" "I'm getting married tomorrow Charlie. And you're walking me down the aisle." "But Sophie, we have to talk," I insisted. "You've got that girl waiting for you," Sophie answered.

And then I slipped my middle finger inside my sister.

Finger fucked her urgently until she groaned and then pulled away and turned. A perfect two part harmony that humans have been perfecting for a million years.

Facing me she simply climbed up on me using her arms to lift herself off the ground and then locked her legs behind my back.

Then my sister, twenty-four hours short of taking her wedding vows, reached down between our bodies, then, after recapturing my cock, slipped it inside herself.

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