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Intimidating football quotes

He led the Rutgers team onto the field last season in what was one of the most emotional moments of the college football season, furthering the motto of "keep choppin'."The Haka is more of a dance than a saying, but is still one of the coolest things in college football.It is a traditional ancestral war cry that came from the people of New Zealand and has been adopted by the Hawaii football team.

It has grown so popular here that there are websites dedicated to it and also T-shirts that have been made detailing Orange Power.It is not only a saying, but also a hand gesture in the process."Keep Calm and Fork On" is how the saying goes, and the fans in Tempe tend to live by it.While it is not as famous as the saying "War Eagle," it means a lot to the fans of the Tigers.There are T-shirts, billboards and even a Twitter handle, all urging people to "Choose Auburn."This is the most well-known of all the Harvard fight songs and was written nearly 100 years ago.

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One thing is certain, the people of Austin certainly can't get enough of this saying.