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International dating agencies are agencies involved in arranging dating between singles from different countries and cultures, and speaking different languages.

Today the term "international dating agency" also includes international dating site.

I suddenly want to tell her everything: that I’m not going to marry her; that I think she’s lovely but I have a girlfriend back at home and I’m sorry for lying. In the back of the car, Juan translates for her: “Yvonne wants you to know she thinks it’s more important for a man to be kind than to be beautiful.” There’s a silence. “Take her home.” On receipt of their 0 deposit for this 0 ‘Weekend Tour’, the agency emails potential grooms a list of ‘recommended questions’ to ask their dates, each one coming with a helpful explanation as to why the query should be posed.

From the US, from Britain and Europe and Australia they come, to socialise with women they’ve preselected from an online catalogue in the hope it’ll all end in… They also indicate that brokered marriages are more robust than those in which the participants are more traditionally sourced, having an 80 percent success rate compared to an average UK rate of just over 50 percent. I imagined someone whose flirtatiousness would be hostile and come with, stabby, diamante fingernails. Juan, who’s still in his ‘NASA ROCKET SCIENTIST’ T-shirt, sits opposite, watching us eat our ‘parilla’ - grilled chicken, baked potato and plantain boiled in sugar water served on a wooden board. He came round my house.’” “Does anyone ever find love? Green chinos cover his plump buttocks; a denim shirt and a white vest hug his figure-of-eight torso. He owns a website that churns away by itself on a distant server, regularly dropping cash into his bank account. We’re joined, tonight, by a smiley trainee chef, a haltingly under-dressed shirt-maker and a lawyer who works for the Colombian government prosecuting paramilitaries.

“We have women.” We’re driving up a winding, vegetation-lined road that leads up a mountain, the other side of which, simmering under the South American sun in a vast natural amphitheatre, lies the city Juan's employers refer to simply as "paradise". Juan turns to met with an expression of deep seriousness and announces, “I like that.” Today, the ‘International Marriage Broker’ [IMB] business is seen as an adjunct to the bn a year online dating industry. “You can’t expect to fall in love over one weekend.

To our left, the airport road rises diagonally up the hillside, a massive slash bleeding gold from the dark earth. What happens then you start feeling a bit sorry for some of the candidates. She says she’s been with the agency for five years and has never been picked before. She’s staring at me intensely with her violently painted face. As today’s translator’s been booked for the whole day and her clock is still running, I ask her to take me “somewhere brilliant in Medellin”. Every girl he meets he asks, ‘I am a sexual addict.

When I ask Juan to point out Medellin’s finest sights, he gives me a long and detailed breakdown of every shopping mall in the metropolis before showing me the train station. Without really thinking all that much about it, you begin to make sympathy votes. Twenty minutes later we’re pulling into a shopping mall.

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