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Gym goers dating

I vowed that I would at least keep exercising on some level, but then the house needed so much attention…and then it was Thanksgiving…and then the start of the holidays…and then Ryan ruptured his achilles tendon…and then it was Christmas…and then New Year’s Eve…and here we are.

Really I’ve been itching to get to the gym over the past few weeks, but Ryan literally can’t pick up the baby and carry her anywhere, meaning that I’ve been a pseudo-single-mom for about a month now.

Squats are said to help people have sex standing up and doggy style, with 67 per cent of regular female gym goers claiming 30 a day made them better in bed.

A further 45 per cent of women say that lifting light 5kg weights once a day for 15 minutes gives them better orgasms with their partner, as they are able to lift and control their core body weight during sex.

The study of 1,600 participants found that people on less than £20,000 a year went to the gym for an hour a week, whilst those earning the big bucks went to the gym on average for three hours per week.

Although most of us probably look our worst at the gym, a new study commissioned by Kettler found that of the 2,000 participants who took part in the study a whopping 50 per cent of the gym goers only go the gym to check out the opposite sex or meet with friends.

"We know that regular exercise reduces the risk of memory decline, muscle loss and heart disease.

Then, in the blink of an eye, my priority became getting the townhouse packed up, finding a rental house and taking E. Even after we moved, everything was so crazy and the weather turned too cold to run with E. in the stroller, so I gave up on my Thanksgiving half marathon goal.In Scotland, the most frequent gym users have an average age of 75, while London has the lowest age of gym goers visiting the most, at 65.Edinburgh, St Albans, Sheffield and Glasgow have the highest numbers of octogenarians gym members in the UK, while on the whole 74 year-olds in Leicester are the most frequent gym users, averaging 14 visits per month.• Revealed: what the average Briton does when they retire • Death of early retirement dream as baby-boomers become ‘Generation Work’ Nuffield Health's deputy medical director of well-being, Dr Aldric Ratajczak, said: "The sheer number of older gym users in our gyms speaks volumes about the desire of those in the UK to remain fit and healthy."The fact that our older members are using the facilities more often than any other is hugely encouraging.

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And it’s not all Grindr, only 31 per cent of people hooking up in gyms are gay; 49 per cent are straight and the rest bi.

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