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In this example, we just send the string to the user's Web browser. But that won't do much, except to let F3 know that there's a process that will handle it and there's some text to display on the user's Web browser.If you have a lot more pages on your site, you need to set up different routes for each group. To instruct the framework to start waiting for requests, we issue the command. If you're having trouble getting this simple program to run on your server, you may have to tweak your Web server settings a bit. If you have programs or static files (images, CSS, etc.) that do not use the framework - as long as the paths to these files do not conflict with any route defined in your application - your Web server software will deliver them to the user's browser, provided the server is configured properly. Use the route name in your code and templates instead of a typed url.

Of course this handy online reference is powered by F3!

You should also create a .htaccess file containing the following:- .

Rerouting can be particularly useful when you need to do some maintenance work on your site.

Start it up using the following configuration:- (containing your F3-enabled code).

If you're using Apache, make sure you activate the URL rewriting module (mod_rewrite) in your (or httpd.conf) file.

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If you like a little more flavor in your Fat-Free soup, insert another route before the call inside the callback function retrieves the value of a framework variable. Let's name a route:- your arguments if you have characters that do not comply with RFC 1738 guidelines for well-formed URLs.

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