Errors in radiocarbon dating filipinadatings com

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(The more weathering, the higher C14/C12 ratio is expected relative to a sample which has been buried since the mesolithic.) For carbon dating in the historical era such variables will affect the accuracy less.

Were the samples buried, then uncovered by the flow of waters from melting glaciers? Depending on which scenario is more likely, more or less mass of carbon is lost to chemical weathering. I don't know the specifics for modeling chemical weathering, however, in general nature favors C12 as the input for a weathering reaction.The specific margins of error will be specified in the test, read the actual papers!Generally, margins of error have become smaller as calibration curves have gained resolution over time.Unfortunately, however, these gains are only seen in more recent tests or re-examinations.If you're looking at results derived in 1995, the material tested has probably not been tested again to get a better date.

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