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Datingandbusiness com

Have you ever dated someone who was constantly praising his or herself? (They never are.) Usually these turn out to be the most boring kind of dates.Even when you decide to grin and bear it, the self-inflation rarely turns out to be true or beneficial.The same goes in business: it is not always the most flashy marketing campaign or additional discount that make for the best, sustainable deal.Take your time in choosing smart and reliable partners – and strive to elicit these qualities yourself.

Everybody wants to gain; everybody has something valuable to give (and something to lose).

There will be a time for closing the deal, when that time is right for both parties.

When I was young(er), there was a weird rule in dating: do not call earlier than three days after the first date.

Confidence is a key element of attraction, and over-promotion proves that it is lacking. You need to be confident that your product or service is the best.

Yet, shouting and repeatedly boasting, “I am the best,” will neither inspire trust nor get you any closer to a valuable deal.

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