Dating younger guys 2 years

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It’s just not wise to have a relationship with a guy younger than you, it’s bound to end up in a break off, and it’s bound to feel miserable for the woman involved.When it comes to men, always go for someone who is your age, or older to you.Most women acquire a maturity, with age, which is very attractive to men (as it seems to compliment their own immaturity).So when young men find older women attractive, why does the relationship not work out in most cases?You are sure to find the love and stability that you are seeking, the right man will come by soon enough – just stop searching in the wrong places.My first 2 relationships were with guys at least 15 years older than I.

Young guys do pursue girls, or women, older than them and it’s quite normal for them to do so.

It’s natural that you are hurt deeply by his behavior and attitude, but a different way to look at it would be that it happened for the good.

Just imagine how much more painful it would have been if this had happened after marriage, or after a few years of being in the relationship, because it’s a given that such an age difference would not really work out in the long run.

Everyone needs genuine love and interest in whatever they are doing. If you want to attend a party and bring him along, let him walk around by himself and do not introduce him to every single person as your boyfriend. If you go out on a date with a younger person and if you do not offer to pay you will come across as a loser and a cheapskate.

If your younger boyfriend is involved in activities that you find petty or not worth talking about – he will end up picking a fight and ultimately will leave you for someone who pays attention. You take your younger boyfriend around to events to show him off. If you do – you will come across as insecure and unstable. You do not take your younger partners’ opinions seriously and you think you are the boss. The reason the younger guy likes you is for your experience and “wisdom”, so you really do not need to be sensitive about your age. You probably do not think about it this way but its true. I have found that when I go out with an older guy and he does not offer to pay, I would never want to go out with that person again.

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Relationships work at two levels – fun and stability.

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