Dating woes

Posted by / 12-Feb-2021 13:08

Dating woes

His marriage is thought to be on the rocks, after it was claimed he had a six-week affair with Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding.And Danny Dyer looked strained in the wake of his marriage woes on Wednesday, as he headed to the East Enders set after another lonely evening at a North London hotel.

It is important, then, to acknowledge and remember what this series is not and never was.

Oh, and let's not get into the crazzzzy tax lien and credit card debt these two have as well.

Let's just say, we feel badly for Tori and Dean's kids — because it MUST be stressful at home right now.

“That’s something you can’t really do anything about,” said Elliott, who faced 17 shots and made 14 saves.

“It’s tough to come out of a game when you’re still feeling pretty good out there.

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Sure as the Flyers were going to exhume that grainy 43-year-old video of Kate Smith belting out “God Bless America” and rerun it before Game 4 against the Penguins, a soft goal or two was all it would take for Elliott to take a seat and Neuvirth to get his chance to prevent this series from becoming what it has become.

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