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If you want to clear your history, there’s a Clear Clipboard History option in the menubar.

Paste from Shared Clipboard (No Default Shortcut) This feature is off by default and must be activated by clicking both Enable Clipboard History and Enable Shared Clipboard from the FCPX Hacks menubar.

FCPX Hacks has now been superseded with a standalone application called Command Post, which offers all the same functionality of FCPX Hacks, plus a whole lot more – including Text to Speech & Watch Folders. We strongly recommend removing FCPX Hacks, and installing Command Post instead.

You can learn more about Command Post here: FCPX Hacks is a free and open source Hammerspoon script that adds a mountain-load of new features to Final Cut Pro.

Once activated, every time Final Cut Pro successfully or unsuccessfully completes an export, you’ll get an alert on any mobile devices that have the Prowl app installed, such as your i Phone or i Pad.

This feature turns on a hidden Final Cut Pro preference that enables timecode overlays in the Viewer.

If you don’t already have one, you can register and get one for free here.

However, before the “Assign Effects Shortcuts” buttons are enabled, you need to click Update Effects List first, at this will create a list of all the effects you currently have installed on your system.

If you add new effects to Final Cut Pro, you’ll need to run this command again.

Everyone running FCPX Hacks and pointing to the same shared XML folder will receive a mac OS notification alerting them to the new XML.

Close Media Import When Card Inserted This feature is off by default and must be activated by clicking Close Media Import When Card Inserted in the menubar.

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if you change the Set Range Start to a key other than I).