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They had been married for 4 wonderful years and she had even been over to Syria with them.

The rest of the women who had never had much contact with Arab men had interesting answers.

As long as the man was a good person the fact that they were Arab was irrelevant.

I used four pictures of different looking Arab men to help me see if all Arab men were considered to look the same.

But has it come to the point that dating and Arab man could be considered unpatriotic? They have been discriminated against romantically when it was revealed that they were Arab or of Arab descent.

Sami, a 32-year-old graphic designer, recalls being at a club when a sultry blonde approached him and asked him his name and where he was from.

Personally, I can’t think of a better way to reach out to Arab Americans and help the war effort. – The Village Voice: Hot Spot Savage Love by Dan Savage January 23-29 2002.Kathy, 28, claimed she wasn’t prejudiced but she wouldn’t allow herself to get into a relationship with an Arab stating too many cultural differences. Carmen insisted that an Arab man will only use you for sex and then dump you because they think American girls are easy.Many other women claimed that they would definitely date an Arab man because it wasn’t their ethnicity that they were worried about but them as individuals.Out of the twenty, two had dated Arab men, three had friends who were linked romantically to an Arab and the rest had never been with one.Angelina, 26, dated an Arab for more than three years.

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But can a twenty – something get it on with Arabs without being patriotic? The President of the United States has asked Americans to reach out to Arab Americans.

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