Consolidatingprivatestudent loans org dating events in wilmington nc

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Consolidatingprivatestudent loans org

1) Savings calculation of ,581 is based on loan amounts and terms selected by Common Bond borrowers who refinanced their student loans between 5/15/15 and 6/30/15.

These plans help you lower your monthly payments by allowing you to pay a portion of your discretionary income, which is the money leftover after you cover necessities, to your student loans instead of the standard monthly payment.

For example, at Common Bond, you can add a cosigner to lower your interest rate.

Refinancing with private lenders can come with some drawbacks.

Tom Anderson is content manager at Common Bond, a values-driven fintech company that is reimagining the student loan experience.

The company refinances student loans to provide a better experience through lower interest rates, personal customer service, a simple application process and a strong commitment to social good.

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Many private lenders, including Common Bond, offer loans that can help you refinance both your federal and private student loans.

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