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Christmas present for guy dating

K, the obstetrician who delivered Kevin and Kate in the series premiere.But he’s a patient this time: A car crash left him with a slow hemorrhage between his heart and his lung, he explains, and there’s a chance he might not survive the surgery necessary to repair the damage.When Randall locates Andy on the roof at the party, it’s quickly evident that the other man is seriously considering jumping to his death.

The series’ fall finale spends most of the hour lulling us into a false sense that all will indeed be merry and bright for the Pearsons this Christmas. On a back-in-the-day Christmas Eve, we watch Jack and Rebecca put some presents under the tree while Kate complains that her belly hurts.Because there are SO many stage actors in that situation in New York City.Sloane, the playwright Kevin slept with last episode, is mad about the whole situation; as retribution, she demands that Kevin come to Hanukkah dinner with her disapproving family, because she kinda told them she was dating The Manny.He’s actually fine with it, because “We did that storyline twice on the show.” (Heh.) So Kevin goes home with her and is his charming-if-slightly-dim self; my favorite part of the dinner is how engaged he is while Slone tells the kids the story behind the holiday.He’s also super inspired by the Maccabees, because when she’s done, he’s got an idea: “Let’s put this play on ourselves! God bless us every— wait, what’s going on with Toby?

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The kids are understandably worried — especially poor Kevin — and to assuage their fear, Rebecca does a bit of mom improvisation.

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