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Chris crocker jef star dating

Spears’ performance came after concern for her wellbeing after the singer was pictured shaving her head.

Having tried makeups and cosmetics on himself, he was laughed and mocked for dressing like a girl.I hope you take the time to give it a chance.’ The album has received plenty of positive comments from fans. ‘I’m way too sensitive to be reading reviews about something so close to my heart.However, he’s clearly also come across some negative comments. ‘I spent a year of my life pouring my heart into my album. Part of putting yourself out there is being able to handle negativity. ‘I can handle negative comments on my comedy because comedy isn’t my heart. It’s forced and something I only did because I thought that’s what people wanted from me. So no, I can’t handle reading negativity towards that.Chris Crocker, the star of a viral video in 2007 who pleaded with people to “leave Britney alone” has responded to a recent resurgence of internet and media interest over the Vine star’s physical appearance.Crocker became famous internationally after making a video pleading with people to give Britney Spears a break following her widely panned ‘comeback’ performance at the VMAs.

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