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There were also plenty of missteps along the way, most of them not Beck’s fault.For example, in 1935, the UERL board demanded an update to the map that would use bold lines for stations within the central area, and much larger symbols for interchanges.Station names had to be written in small text, often at odd angles so they could be crammed in between awkwardly twisting lines.The map also omitted stations further out from the centre, for reasons which become obvious when you look at a later map that tried to show more of the network: As you 'zoom out' from the centre of London, you end up with a huge amount of wasted space toward the edges, and an illegible crush in the middle.We should welcome your comments.” In the event, Beck’s map was a clear hit: the original print run of 750,000 was snapped up in a month, requiring a further 100,000 to be printed almost immediately.

A soldier from the North hides in a girls’ school in the South.The company, in its wisdom, promptly returned it, explaining that it was not interested in such a "revolutionary" map.But Beck didn’t give up: the following year he tried again, and this time the company agreed to buy the design off him for just over £10 — equivalent to around £600 today.Formerly an engineering draughtsman for UERL, he lost his job with the Underground in the late 1920s as a result of funding cuts.But he retained an interest in London’s transport system, and with time on his hands, set about on a project to "tidy up" the tube map by — as he would later recall — "straightening the lines, experimenting with diagonals and evening out the distance between stations".

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All the same, much more of the network is represented, and the spirit of the modern map is detectable.

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