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Agreesive adult sex chat

The big reason for not putting your child into school is that it causes pure regression as the child gets good enough time to be into his own world, hence his learning is not happening and also his mind is getting trained be in his own self.

Autism Therapist vs You It is you and not the therapist who is going to make the big difference . Most parents get relaxed and they stop working with the child as much as they should, once they are seeking help from a therapist.

Autism Intervention -Earlier the Better Start early.

Once the diagnosis is done, it is very essential to come to terms with the diagnosis as fast as possible.

I have seen that most of the parents struggle with the diagnosis for months or years together, which is extremely harmful for the child.

Early intervention has a very important role in the recovery of the child from autism.

Then suddenly he started losing all what he had learnt.

Its my personal experience with thousands of cases that I am writing this feature and have seen this fallout of the therapy in quite a number of cases.She reported back after 2- 3 days that the child was not being attended well in the class and was quite isolated . As per my advise , the parents withdrew him from school , he started gaining back his speech and was back on the road to recovery from autism .I would suggest that one should avoid school for kids with autism in early stage .Child should be only put in school , only if the school provides a dedicated shadow teacher .Regular schools should be completely avoided ; in fact they can work against your child’s improvement .

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Making sure of the Autism Diagnosis In a very young child, lets say between 18- 24 months, the diagnosis is difficult and it becomes all the more difficult if the child has mild problem.

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